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Deadline – April 15 2020

7-19 JULY 2020

"I villaggi italiani rappresentano una crescita naturale del terreno. Nel paesaggio italiano i villaggi hanno l'aria altrettanto poco costruita degli alberi, delle rocce, del cielo" B. Berenson


Call for projects
A scriptwriting award in the Tuscan countryside

7 - 19 July 2020

Call for projects
An experimental Summer Film School in the countryside

Cetona, Italy
13 - 19 July 2020



Call for projects
An experimental Summer Film School in the countryside

Cetona, Italy
13 - 19 July 2020

Ruggero Maccari Award

The “Ruggero Maccari Award”, founded in 2019 to honor of the screenwriter’s memory in the centenary of his birth, is aimed at professional and emerging screenwriters in the field of cinema to remember the activities to which Ruggero Maccari dedicated himself with passion and success.

The award is based in Cetona, in the province of Siena, where the screenwriter kept his second residence, working together with fellow directors and screenwriters.

President of the award is the daughter of screenwriter Barbara Maccari. The award, under the patronage of the Municipality of Cetona and the Cinema for Rome Foundation, avails itself of a technical-scientific committee and a jury presided over and composed by important personalities of Italian and foreign cinema expressing a collective vote on the selection of scriptwriters .

The best screenwriter / professional writer will receive the “Ruggero Maccari Best Scriptwriter award”, a cash prize and a retrospective will be followed with the public screening of at least 4 films. A “Special Mention” of the Jury is foreseen for the best scriptwriter. The best emerging talent will receive the “Ruggero Maccari Best Emerging Scriptwriter award”. The best emerging screenwriter will receive the “Ruggero Maccari Best Emerging Scriptwriter award”.

The “Ruggero Maccari award” as an event will be able to extend its competence to various cinema and expressive themes.

In relation to the presence in Cetona of the “Summer School Il Ritiro”, a place of inspiration and ideal drive for the young aspiring participants in the various annual cinema courses, as a condition of the award, the best author will commit to lead a workshop on scriptwriting open to young professionals.

The screenwriter will follow the screenings during the event. The award will be organised around a series of screenings related to the production of the winning writer, as described above. As part of the event, masterclasses and workshops open to the general public will be organized as an approach to arthouse cinema.

Registration Process

– The Jury reserves the right to nominate candidates who have not registered but are considered worthy of consideration. The selection will be closed by May 15, 2020 and the communication will take place after that date.

Please send applications to

Il Ritiro Summer School

This is a different kind of film school, another way of looking at films, a journey to learn about a new way of driving your van, maybe this time on the opposite side of the road. A place where technology is used only when absolutely needed, where most classes take place in the woods and where everyone cooks for others one night in the week.

We would like you to start the journey from a pen and from an idea. An idea you love or one you want to challenge, that you would like to plant and grow with the help of others, that subversive idea that needs a special, unique process of courage and care to survive the winter and blossom.. We would like you to open your creative space to us, as we will do with our creative space to you. 

We think of film as a material, layered structure, a living being that needs to be nourished by different crafts and skills, a different kind of work that needs to be explored in a space of exchange and focus. We think of film as a collective process, the freedom of which can find its space only somewhere where the mechanics are challenged.

With a series of workshop and masterclasses that range from sound walks to active listening, to non-linear narratives in film, theatre and literature, to visual antropology, to poetic filmmaking, mixed with explorations of nature and local craftmanship, we would like to take you on a very non conventional journey that will culminate in a journal and a portfolio that will bring your ideas out into the world.

The school, whose driving force and inspiration is the house which belonged to painter Lionello Balestrieri first and to writer Angela Bianchini afterwards, is striving to be a humanist space, which stimulates both a dimension of creation and meditation, as much as the relationship, community and continuity with the village in which it is born and whose atmosphere it feeds on.

Additional Details

– Maximum 6 participants.

– The participants will be accommodated and hosted, but they will be asked to participate in the cooking for the rest of the group and to offer a creative presentation to the citizens of the village (a previous work, a small performance, one of the exercises created during the workshop).

– All participants will be asked bring their own cameras and laptops. 

– All participants will be asked to purchase their travel tickets.

Registration Process

– Participants are kindly requested to send a curriculum vitae and a motivation letter by 31 March 2020. 

For more information contact


Organization – Cult. Ass. "Casa Bianchini Balestrieri" (under construction), with the support of the "Lionello Balestrieri Foundation" and the Municipality of Cetona

From the late Sixties and throughout the Seventies, Italian film industry went  through many phases that radically changed the way of living and the values of Italy at large. Student and feminist movement, the economic boom, combined with a quest for emancipation at work and in the family, created the ideal conjuncture to feed drama and comedy characters that would be able to portray these changes of civil society on screen. In this context, Cetona, a small agricultural village in the Siena province, started to appeal tourists thanks to its medieval architecture combined to the magnificent natural landscape and to attract foreigners, artists, intellectuals to its beauties. This is the beginning of a tradition that sees Cetona grow as a meeting place, where people of different social and cultural origins would live side by side. It was precisely in the Seventies that Cetona began its encounter with the global world, first of all with the representatives of that Italian cinema industry who discovered and landed in Cetona to make it their second home. 

Noblesse Oblige, the square of Cetona became the place enlightened by a trail of characters that are still living it today. In the 70s Cetona established a film festival and its “Rocca di Cetona Award” dedicated to the best contemporary Italian realist film. Images, memories and news reports can testify the fervor around the initiatives promoted by the local associations and curated by  Matteo Spinola, press officer for dozens of famous films. Film screenings with guests such as Philippe Leroy, Giuliano Gemma, Barbara Bouchet, Ottavia Piccolo, Massimo Ranieri, and many directors, such as Ettore Scola, Nanni Loy and the screenwriter Ruggero Maccari who lived in the Borgo di Cetona or the surroundings of the its rolling hills. An incredible combination that pushes again, in 2019, the local associations with the patronage of the Municipality of Cetona to rethink and revive, in the name of tradition, “CetonaCinema” through an event including the “Ruggero Maccari Award” and the “Summer School Il Ritiro”, dedicated  to film professionals and young talents.

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